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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration & Water Extraction Near Boynton Beach, FL

No matter how efficiently and thoroughly you keep your home, Mother Nature will always have the last word. Sometimes you cannot help the emergencies that happen to your living space; however, you can call a water damage restoration company in Boynton Beach, FL, with the ability to restore your property to pre-loss condition after you take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and your property. 

Get your home back to normal faster by calling our water extraction experts today at (561) 570-1700 !

Houses In Hurrican Water After Storm In Florida

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Mold Remediation Pros will locate all locations where water has caused damage, break them down as needed and repair them to exacting standards. When we're done, our goal is for your home to be even better than it was before we started. We won't cut any corners or skip any steps - you'll get comprehensive residential water damage repair that will leave you impressed, satisfied and most importantly - safe.

Thorough Inspection & Assessment

Upon arrival, our certified technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property and identify the extent of the damage. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we assess the extent of the water damage, identifying affected areas and potential hazards. This detailed assessment allows us to create a tailored restoration plan to address all issues effectively.

Advanced Water Extraction Techniques

One of the key steps in our water damage restoration process is water extraction which removes water quickly and efficiently. We utilize powerful pumps and vacuums to remove standing water from your property rapidly. Our goal is to prevent further damage and mitigate the risk of mold growth.

Drying & Dehumidification

After water extraction, we focus on drying and dehumidifying your property. Our industrial-grade drying equipment ensures that moisture is completely eliminated from all affected areas. This step is crucial in preventing structural damage and mold growth.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Once your property is dry, our team proceeds with cleaning and sanitization which helps restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. We use specialized cleaning agents to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Bringing Your Property Back to Life

Our restoration experts are skilled in repairing and restoring damaged areas of your property. Whether it's replacing drywall, repairing flooring or restoring damaged belongings, we handle every aspect of the restoration process with precision and care.

Safety First In Water Restoration

Your first concern after a water damage emergency should be for your own safety and the safety of your family. If the water damage has caused the house to become unsafe, call 911 immediately and leave the premises. Two of your most important concerns should be protecting against electrical short circuits and slip-and-fall accidents.

  • Water Extraction – Removing Excess Water: Start your road to recovery by mopping up all excess water. You may have to blot excess water from carpets with a sponge. Remove all items from the tops of wood furniture and immediately wipe all of the excess water from those items and the furniture itself.
  • Upholstery and Furniture: Prop up all wet upholstery. Use aluminum foil or blocks of wood to stand furniture on top of any wet carpeting. If you are in the summer months, turn on the air conditioning. Remove all colored rugs from any wet carpets and finally, take care to remove any art items you may have away from the water.
  • Your Other Household Items: If there are any fabrics that have taken water damage, do not leave them in place. Make sure that you immediately hang up all leather items and furs so that they can dry quickly. Make sure that you do not leave any magazines, books or other items with coloring on your wet carpet.
  • Water in the Walls and Ceilings: If you see water in the ceiling, do not turn on any of your ceiling fixtures. Make sure that no one goes in any room with a sagging ceiling. Make sure that you note where you see water in the ceilings or in the walls so that your water restoration company will know exactly where to go first.
  • Preparing for Professional Water Extraction / Water Restoration: It is very important to call a professional water extraction company as soon as possible after your emergency. Do not try to use your residential vacuum to remove any excess water. Make sure that all electrical items such as your television, hair dryer and radio are turned off and unplugged.

When you are ready for your free consultation for black mold removal or water extraction and water restoration, give us a call at (561) 570-1700 . We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best professional home cleaning and water restoration services in the industry and we look forward to helping you build and maintain the home of your dreams.

What Are The Signs That I Have Water Damage?

One of the truly insidious things about water is that it can hide really well. You may not notice that it's there or causing damage until it's too late. At the first sign of water damage, it's imperative you take action before things get worse.

Some things you can watch for include:

  • Unexpected puddles of water.
  • Paint peeling or bubbling off the wall.
  • Warped walls or crossbeams.
  • Nasty, musty odors.
  • Sagging spots on your ceiling or soft spots on your floor.
  • Mold and mildew growth.
  • Water stains on your walls or ceilings.
  • Growing cracks on your walls or ceilings.

If you see any of these clues, you need to give the water remediation experts at Mold Remediation Pros a call so we can provide emergency services for your home.

Preventing Mold With Water Damage Repair

Preventing mold can save you time, money and a ton of your possessions that would otherwise be damaged by mold. For starters, you must tighten up any leaks around your home. Check around your toilet, under your sinks, the roof of your home, ventilation units and the foundation of your home. If you have dealt with water damage from flooding in the past, be sure to get a professional in to assess the damages and mold. The key to preventing mold in your home is to be vigilant about water damage repair.

Mold can happen in anyone’s home because moisture is everywhere around us. Leaks under the sink, flooding in the basement and wet clothes that go unattended for too long; all of those instances are common mold-causing situations that happen to anyone. But, if you are vigilant about water damage repair as soon as you are aware of the issue, mold will not be an issue for long.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Emergency Services: We're available round-the-clock to respond to water damage emergencies.
  • Certified Technicians: Our team consists of certified and experienced water damage professionals.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We use advanced equipment for efficient and effective restoration.
  • Comprehensive Services: From water extraction to restoration, we handle it all.

Rapid Response to Water Damage Emergencies Near Boynton Beach

At Mold Remediation Pros, we take pride in being Boynton Beach's premier water damage restoration company. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services to help you recover from any water damage emergency swiftly and effectively.

From a burst pipe, flooding or a leaking roof, our expert team understands the urgency of such situations, so we offer 24/7 emergency services. When you contact us, we will promptly arrive at your property to assess the damage and start the restoration process. 

Water damage to your home can be overwhelming. Our experts are here for you from start to finish. Contact us online or call us day or night at (561) 570-1700  to schedule professional water damage restoration services.

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