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Water Damage: How It Can Lead To Mold

Water Damage: How It Can Lead To Mold

How Hidden Water Damage Can Lead To Mold

water damageIf there’s mold in your house, you already know – as a homeowner – how expensive it can be to remediate it, to say nothing of the fact that it will have potentially devastating consequences for your health. But did you know that hidden water damage can lead to a severe mold problem? It’s true! At Suncoast, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners remediate the mold in their house that arises because of water damage, and we can assure you that one of the biggest causes of mold in a home is water damage that you likely never knew about.

What are the causes of hidden water damage?

There are several factors that could contribute to hidden water damage, but the result is still the same: mold in your home that needs to be immediately remediated.

    • A leaky pipe

Obviously, if your pipe springs a major leak that causes flooding, you’ll know right away that there’s the potential for water damage. But a pipe that just has a “slow drip” or a hairline crack that slowly, but surely, causes damage in your home that eventually leads to a mold problem can be just as problematic as a pipe that suddenly bursts. In fact, a pipe with a “slow drip” can cause more problems, because it can go undetected for months before you, as the homeowner, realize there’s a problem!

    • Post hurricane cleanup

South Florida is the hurricane capital of the United States, and one of the biggest causes of hidden water damage is, in fact, a hurricane. You may think you have “gotten” all the areas that were negatively affected in the hurricane…and sometimes, you find out too late that you haven’t. What was once a minor issue suddenly becomes a major problem as toxic mold sweeps throughout your house, and it’s all thanks to just one spot being “missed” that you didn’t realize needed to be treated.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with mold remediation!

For years, Suncoast has provided quality mold remediation to the residents of South Florida, and we’re pleased to bring our expertise to you. No matter what the reason for your mold infestation, we can help you. For more information on how we can remediate mold that has grown as a result of hidden water damage, contact us today.

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