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Case Studies

Case Studies


Shower Mold Project

A homeowner called us as he had been renting out a property and had just evicted the tenants. When he walked into the house he could smell the mold and must right away. He followed his nose into the bathroom and saw that the tiles in the shower were broken and the caulking was mostly […]

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Bathroom Mold Project

A homeowner called because he noticed that the leak from his toilet had got water into the walls in the bathroom. Upon inspection we found that the water had got into the walls and flooring. We replaced the walls and floor and replaced his fixtures and added a nice wainscot to make the bathroom look […]

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Broken Pipe Project

A woman called us as she had a broken pipe near her bathroom that flooded out the bathroom and a wall adjacent to the bathroom. We went in, removed the water damage and mold and rebuilt the bathroom better than new!

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Ceiling Mold Project

A landlord called us as he had a vacated property and when he visited it there was substantial mold growth on one of the ceilings due to a slow leak and the a/c being off for a few months. We inspected the ceiling and found that there was a slow leak from a faucet upstairs […]

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Case Studies

The Kitchen Ceiling Problem

We received a call from a homeowner that was distraught as he had just walked into his rental property and was seeing mold and water damage up on the ceiling. His tenants had moved out a few days before and when he went in to inspect the property he noticed a musty odor throughout as […]

Water Damage from Water Heater

A water heater line broke and damaged the walls, floors, and kitchen cabinets. We came in and repaired the drywall, cabinets, and flooring in the kitchen and two adjacent rooms.

Shower Floor Leak

We got a call that a homeowner was having issues in and around their shower in their bathroom. They had an older home and it was wood construction so we feared the worst. When we got into the bathroom it was as we had feared: the leaks went through the tile into the walls and […]