Moldy Broward Schools Pose a Problem to Students

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Moldy Broward Schools: A Serious Issue?

Moldy Broward Schools: A Serious Issue?

When you send your children off to school, you would like to think that they are safe. However, the Broward school system might not be as safe as you think. Mold in the local schools could cause some serious health risks. Find out why moldy Broward schools is an issue that you need to worry about.

The Problem

At Hollywood Central Elementary, one teacher was the first to notice a problem with moldy Broward schools. When she moved into a new classroom, she developed itchy eyes, a running nose, and headaches. In an attempt to figure out the cause of her ailments, her doctor gave her a blood test. The results were not what the woman expected. They showed that mold exposure was the cause of her many troubles.

The teacher complained to the school administration. However, the administrators didn’t take any action. They refused to move the teacher, and she ended up taking more sick days than the school would cover. Although the school eventually moved the teacher to a new room, it was only after a local paper published an article about her story.

It’s likely that there is more than one classroom in the school with mold problems. Equally likely is that many students are exposed to that mold. If an adult suffered such extreme symptoms from mold exposure, many students could have the same or worse effects. Often, young children are more susceptible to health problems after mold exposure. By not treating the problem, school administrators put the students’ health at risk.

Other Moldy Broward Schools

Mold isn’t only a problem at Hollywood Central Elementary.  In a Broward Teachers Union survey, 1,200 Broward County school employees responded to questions about mold. Over 100 different schools were represented in the survey. Shockingly, over 700 school employees said that they had health problems at school. Among these health problems were headaches, itching, rashes, watery eyes, and asthma.

Because the symptoms only appeared at school, it is likely that the employees suffered from mold exposure. On top of that, the symptoms are all symptoms of mold exposure. In some cases, symptoms completely disappeared during the summer months. The survey points to one culprit – moldy Broward schools.

Sadly, moldy Broward schools is not a new issue. In 2003, there were 20 lawsuits against two Broward elementary schools. Employees and the parents of students alike filed complaints about health problems due to mold exposure. During the court case, a grand jury attacked the school district for not cleaning up mildew and mold.

Cleaning up Their Act

One might think that a tangle of lawsuits would be enough for moldy Broward schools to clean up their act. However, that is not the case. The school system has been very slow in its efforts to remove mold. In fact, some work orders for mold clean up are over two years old. There seems to be no rush to get rid of it. Although the administration argues that the work order system is out of date and inaccurate, there is no proof that the school is attempting to fix the problem.

In some schools, teachers have been making complaints about mold for as long as six years. Despite the many complaints, the schools don’t take any action. Teachers are starting to become impatient. Currently, the teacher’s union is looking to hire independent experts to assess the problem. It may be the only way to get local schools to clean up their act.

Of course, fixing the problem won’t be easy. Mold removal requires the skill and knowledge of an expert. If it’s not done properly, the problem can become worse. Broward schools might hesitate to clean up mold because of the cost. However, some things should not be about money. Specifically, the health of children and teachers should not be about money.

What Are the Dangers of Moldy Broward Schools?

Mold comes with many health risks. According to the American Lung Association, mold can cause nasal congestion, eye irritation, skin irritation, and wheezing. If you have asthma, then mold exposure can worsen your asthma symptoms. Exposure to mold on a daily basis puts both students and school employees at risk for health issues.

While some types of mold just cause mold health risks, others can be more detrimental to your health. This is especially true for young children. It’s impossible to say what kind of mold inhabit moldy Broward schools. At least, it’s impossible to tell until an expert inspects the schools. For now, no one knows the scope of the problem. Depending on the type of mold, the mold exposure could have fatal effects.

While mold exposure can affect teachers, it can be even more harmful to students. In an Institute of Medicine study, research showed that there is a link between respiratory illness and mold in healthy children. Despite their good health, children became ill after mold exposure.

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