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Mold Testing in Lantana is Essential

Mold Testing in Lantana is Essential

Mold Testing in Lantana

As much as you try to protect your home from environmental threats, it’s still very easy for mold to break out. Just a little bit of water can allow mold to take hold. Once it does, it can spread through walls, rooms, and even your whole home. So when do you need to seek out mold testing in Lantana? Here are three times when it is essential:

  • You Notice the Signs of Mold
  • In many cases, you will have no trouble spotting the signs of mold. It typically creeps across walls as a spotty green or black film. It will often break out in places that have recently been exposed to moisture. But just because you don’t see the visible signs doesn’t mean mold is not present in your home. You might also notice a distinct odor that was not noticeable before. And if you know that a part of your home is water damaged, it is at risk of a mold outbreak. In any of these instances, it’s time to contact a specialist for mold testing in Lantana.

  • You Feel the Signs of Mold
  • Mold is not just unsightly. It can also make you sick and is especially hard on the health of the young and the elderly. Respiratory problems are common. People struggle to breathe or have a persistent cough. Mold can irritate the eyes, throat, and in some cases the skin. Nasal stuffiness is another common symptom. If you notice the symptoms when you are home but not when you are away, mold testing in Lantana is necessary to root out the problem.

  • You Plan to Sell Your Home
  • In the hot and humid climate of Florida, mold is pretty common. Unfortunately, mold can derail a home sale or reduce the price significantly. That is why it’s important for homeowners to perform mold testing in Lantana before a potential sale. It’s much cheaper and easier to fix problems preemptively rather than waiting for a potential buyer to find out about them.

If you suspect that you need mold testing in Lantana, call the experienced team at Suncoast Electric and Air at 561-203-4911.

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