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Mold Testing In Delray Beach

Mold Testing In Delray Beach

Do You Need Mold Testing in Delray Beach?

If you are living or working in a structure with mold growing it can have serious effects on your health. These can range from temporary irritation to serious, long-term problems. What’s even worse is that children and the elderly are particularly sensitive to mold. So how do you know when an illness is run of the mill or caused by mold? The first step is to perform mold testing in Delray Beach. These signs indicate that it’s time to call in a professional.

You Notice a Strange Odor

Mold has a distinctly unpleasant odor. It is difficult to describe, but it smells different than the normal smells you would expect to experience in the home. If you go to a certain part of your home and notice a smell that was not there before, it could indicate that mold is growing behind the walls or the wallpaper. To be safe, it is always a good idea to perform mold testing in Delray Beach at this point.

You See Signs of Mold

If your mold problem is particularly bad it will be visible to the naked eye. You will likely see it growing on the walls or on the floor, particularly in damp areas. It usually looks like a light green or black film, but mold can appear in many forms. The minute you notice an outbreak you should call about mold testing in Delray Beach. Be advised, however, that even if you don’t see signs the space may not be mold free. The only way to be sure one way or the other is to perform mold testing in Delray Beach.

You Experience Symptoms

As we mentioned earlier, mold is very bad for you health. And it can impact you and your family even if you don’t notice mold with your eyes or nose. If you suddenly feel listless and lazy, have congestion in your sinuses, or notice your eyes watering more than often, it could be due to mold. If you tend to feel better when you leave the house for work or errands but then your symptoms return when you walk through the front door, it is definitely time to perform mold testing in Delray Beach.

Mold is not an issue to take lightly. If it is present and you do nothing to combat it the problem will only get worse. Schedule mold testing in Delray Beach by calling 561-203-4911.

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