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Mold Remediator? What are they?

Mold Remediator? What are they?

What is a Mold Remediator

If you suspect or know that you have mold in your house you need mold remediation, and to get that done you need a mold remediator. Mold is terrifying, it can be living in your walls making your sick without you even knowing that it is happening. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that no company can remove all of the mold in your home. Since mold exists on virtually every surface inside and outside of your home it is not possible to have it all removed. What a talented mold remediator can do is to work to remove as much hazardous mold from your home as possible. This is why the process of removing hazardous mold from your home is called mold remediation and not mold removal.

So what does a Mold Remediator do?

mold remediatorA mold remediator is someone who is licensed and trained to perform the five basic steps of to remove a majority or harmful mold from your home. The five steps of mold remediation are:

  1. Locate the source of moisture:
    There is much more to locating and addressing mold than looking at walls and other exposed areas. Mold thrives in water and in most cases of large amounts of mold there is some form of leak. The first job of a mold remediator is to locate the source of water whether it is a leaking pipe, hole in the roof, etc. After assessing the source of the water the mold remediator will be able to make a plan to best decide how to stop the moisture from entering the home and stop it.
  2. Photographing and planning remediation:
    Once the source of moisture has been discovered by a mold remediator they will have to document it. This can be for a number of reasons including insurance, warranties etc. After documentation your mold specialist should be able to thoroughly create a plan about how they will begin to remediate the mold in your home. The plan should include who will be performing the remediation as well as timeline for the work to be completed.
  3. Evaluating the amount of mold:
    After you have a plan in place with your mold remediator they are going to completely dive into your home. At this point they are going to be checking every nook and cranny for mold. They will also be checking for areas mold is likely to grow in the future. Once they know there the mold is they can dive into their remeditaion process.
  4. Mold Remediation Begins:
    The moment we have all been waiting for! At this point after moisture source has been located, a plan is in place, the mold is located and documented it is time to clean up. This process has a lot of steps including:

    • Reparing the source of moisture
    • Sealing the mold infested area
    • Preventing mold from becoming airborne
    • Removing all contaminated materials
    • Sealing the materials removed in bags
    • Physically cleaning the area
    • Check to make sure no mold is visible
    • Dry the freshly cleaned area
    • Replace and materials that have been removed
  5. Cleaning Success Check:
    The final step is to make sure that all work has been completed. The mold remediator should be taking additional photos for documentation to provide to their companies, as well as insurance companies that may be involved.

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