House Floods: What to Do When It Happens to You

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What to Do When Your House Floods

What to Do When Your House Floods

house floodsHouse floods are more common than many people think. They can happen as a result of severe weather, because of an infrastructure problem, or due to an issue inside the home. But not matter what the cause of house floods is when they happen they create a lot of chaos, confusion, and crisis.

You will want to jump into action the minute the threat of house floods presents itself to minimize the damage and speed up the recovery. The steps you take in the first 24 hours can have a huge impact, both positively or negatively, or how well you restore a space after it’s affected by house floods.

When you are looking at a living room filled with water or a pipe gushing into your basement, it can be hard to think in a calm and collected manner. If you need a quick reference for how to act, use this guide for what to do when your house floods.

Don’t Take Risks When It Comes to House Floods

Even minor house floods create serious risks for you and anyone who enters your home. The water may have lead to unsanitary conditions. The stability of the structure may have been compromised in even a short amount of time. Plus, there is the very real risk of electrical components creating a serious electrocution hazard. You will want to act quickly in the wake of house floods. But don’t do anything that would put the health of yourself or anyone else in danger.

Take Pictures

Your insurance provider may reimburse you for the damage caused by house flood as long as it is part of your coverage plan. But you will be able to speed the process up and get a fair settlement if you document the damage in detail. Before you try to repair and recover from house floods, take pictures of the standing water, damaged furniture, and any other consequences of the incident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You will want to get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible. There may be significant costs associated with the recovery effort, which your settlement will hopefully cover. And you may have to put up more of a fight than you realize to get support from your provider. The sooner you bring them into the fold, the sooner you can start making some progress.

Remove the Water

This might be possible to do on your own if the size of the house floods was small. But even the smallest effort creates costs and represents a major chore. And the longer the water sits in your home, the more the level of damage increases. Many people reach out to professionals with equipment and expertise focused specifically on removing water after house floods.

Mitigate the Mold

Water is your immediate problem, but mold is your ongoing problem. Mold thrives in damp and humid conditions, basically exactly what your home is like after house floods. And once mold begins to spread, it can damage building materials and compromise your health in every room of your home. This is another part of the recovery from house floods that is a lot easier and more effective when left to professionals.

Secure the Site

One of the things that people often overlook about house floods is that in most cases the property is uninhabitable for a period or days or even weeks. That means you have to find another place to stay, and also have to secure a home that may be open to the elements, vandals, and thieves. Your home is already in bad shape. But the problems only get worse when the outside creeps inside. You may need to tarp over a roof, board up windows, or seal up holes in the side of a home. If you want to be sure the work is done securely and safely, you probably want to contact a professional.

You can likely tell that outside help is essential for recovering from house floods. But when you have so much to worry about and work on, the last thing you want to do is make a mountain of calls. You want one team that can meet all your needs after house floods compromise your space.

The team at Suncoast Mold Remediation has the tools, training, and track record of success that you want to have at your disposal. At the earliest signs of house floods, you can contact us anytime 24×7. Our team will be at your location instantly armed with the equipment and expertise to start solving problems. The damage of the house floods can’t be erased immediately. But with the help of our team, it can be erased effectively. If and when you ever need a fast response, call Suncoast Mold Remediation at 561-203-4911.

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