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Case Studies

Case Studies


Ten Things You Should be Doing to Prevent Mold

Regardless if you’re a new homeowner or if you’ve been in the same home for forty years, it’s absolutely vital to make sure you take the proper precautions to fight off and prevent mold and mildew in your home or office. Mold is basically tiny fungi that grow in branch-like filaments called hyphae. While some […]

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How Cracked Caulking Causes Mold and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Causes of mold are so varied and some we never think of, until we see them. So, it would be no surprise that cracked caulking causes mold. But, what are some problems you might run into and how can you fix them? Cracked Caulking Causes Mold By Trapping Moisture It is understandable that any area […]

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Dangerous Ways Mold Exposure Can Harm You and Your Family

The one thing Florida is most known for is its humidity. This humidity makes Florida the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold is everywhere, indoors and outdoors. We do not know exactly how many different types of mold there are, but there are estimates in the 300,000s. Mold can grow anywhere where there is moisture […]

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The Common Causes of Mold

We have all had mold in our homes at one time or another. However, the mold most of us experience occurs on a loaf of bread and is not hazardous to our health. There are other types of household mold, and while they may be less common, they are much more dangerous. This article will cover […]

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How The Pros Detect Mold Fast

Almost all homeowners have a security system to protect their homes from break-ins. However, one of the most important things to protect your home from is mold. Especially living in South Florida, mold is constantly a threat to invade your home. There is mold all around us. When the mold is outside, it is not […]

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The Water Damage Restoration Process

So a pipe in your home just broke, and now there are two inches of water covering your floor. No one wants to have this experience, but unfortunately, it happens. Once you have a water leak in your home, you may think that all you do is let it dry. While drying out your home […]

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Detect a Leak: Finding Leaks In Your Home

It is possible that you have a leak in your home right now and don’t know it. There are hundreds of feet of piping in the average home. Anyone one of these pipes can leak, in turn causing water damage. If left to leak, this water damage can lead to mold. Since it isn’t always […]

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Do You Need a Mold Inspector?

Mold in the home is a serious issues for everyone who lives there. The presence of mold can lead to serious and persistent health issues. Plus, mold can damage building materials, necessitate costly repairs, and lower the sale value of a home. This is where a mold inspector comes in to fix this problem. Getting […]

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What to Do When Your House Floods

House floods are more common than many people think. They can happen as a result of severe weather, because of an infrastructure problem, or due to an issue inside the home. But not matter what the cause of house floods is when they happen they create a lot of chaos, confusion, and crisis. You will […]

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Black Mold Symptoms

Part of the reason that black mold is such a challenge to get rid of is that a lot of the time you don’t even know it’s present. It grows behind walls, in dark corners, and inside the spaces where you never spend time. As a result, it could be taking over a structure, and […]

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Case Studies

The Kitchen Ceiling Problem

We received a call from a homeowner that was distraught as he had just walked into his rental property and was seeing mold and water damage up on the ceiling. His tenants had moved out a few days before and when he went in to inspect the property he noticed a musty odor throughout as […]

Water Damage from Water Heater

A water heater line broke and damaged the walls, floors, and kitchen cabinets. We came in and repaired the drywall, cabinets, and flooring in the kitchen and two adjacent rooms.

Shower Floor Leak

We got a call that a homeowner was having issues in and around their shower in their bathroom. They had an older home and it was wood construction so we feared the worst. When we got into the bathroom it was as we had feared: the leaks went through the tile into the walls and […]